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Hybrid teaching can be challenging!


Professional Learning Board offers 100% online self-study classes for teachers to learn how to teach online, in the classroom, or a hybrid of both.




Free Online PD Course


 Online Teaching Package


Hybrid Teaching Package


Graduate PD Credit Course


FREE Resources & Guidelines


Hybrid Skills Teacher Program


 Hybrid Substitute Teacher Program


Hybrid Paraprofessional Program


How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher is a FREE 5-hour online PD course. 

✅ Gain new online teaching skills
✅ Learn cutting-edge tools and resources
✅ Become a virtual classroom pro

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The Online Teaching Package is compiled of 6 online PD courses (30 hours!)

✅ Become an online teaching expert
✅ Explore distance learning resources
✅ Only $15/course

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The Hybrid Teaching Package is made up of 6 continuing education classes (30 hours!)

✅ Become a blended learning pro
✅ Gain new hybrid teaching skills
✅ Only $15/course

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Teaching Online for the Classroom Teacher is a semester graduate credit course designed for teachers to learn more about online teaching.

✅ Get an official transcript
✅ Regionally accredited university. 

University of North Dakota
Adams State University
Ashland University


resources and guidelines

Browse and download dozens of FREE resources, assessments, and guidelines for schools during the coronavirus pandemic.

✅ Explore lesson plans and templates
✅ Learn how to transition smoothly between different learning options
✅ Review guidelines and assessments for implementation
✅ Zero impact on your budget. Completely FREE!

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The Hybrid Skills Teaching Program is a self-paced 120-hour program specifically for licensed teachers focused on teaching and learning regardless of where students, or teachers, are located. 

✅ Learn the foundations for hybrid teaching and set up an LMS
✅ Create lessons, both synchronous and asynchronous
✅ Earn a Certificate of Completion
✅ Only $695 for 120+ hours of guided preparation and more



The Hybrid Substitute Teacher Program is a self-paced 150-hour program created exclusively for substitute teachers with an emphasis on both pedagogy and educational technology.

✅ Implement a flexible lesson that can be taught online or in the classroom
✅ Run a video conference call and set up activities in an LMS
✅ Get more marketability with a Certificate of Completion
✅ Only $695 for 150+ hours of guided preparation and pedagogy



How can paraprofessionals best support students and teachers? Overcome uncertainty with this self-paced 65-hour Hybrid Education Assistant Program.

✅ Support teachers in hybrid, blended, remote, or in-person learning
✅ Assist teachers with preparing and teaching online
✅ Earn a Certificate of Completion
✅ Only $350 for 65+ hours of training


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