How to Teach Online for Classroom Teachers


Renew Your Teaching License


Tap Into Online PD for Schools and Districts

How to Teach Online for Classroom Teachers
With Covid-19 affecting schools across the nation, classroom teachers are facing an unprecedented challenge: teaching online.

This free online PD course is designed for teachers to learn strategies and best practices for distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Renew Your Teaching License

You’re busy teaching when you glance down and notice the date. Uh oh, your teaching license is up for renewal.

Enter Renew a Teaching License.

Teachers choose from a variety of self-study courses or graduate semester classes through regionally accredited universities. Explore Online PD for Teachers

Tap into Online PD for Schools and School Districts

No one likes never ending meetings with irrelevant PD.

It’s time to upgrade to online PD.

With ConnectedPD, Principals can assign courses, flip PD, and get completion reports.
Explore Online PD for Schools

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