Q&A: Teaching in a Remote or Hybrid Classroom

“Can students learn online as effectively as they do in the classroom?”
Absolutely. In many ways, learning online is far more individualized than in the classroom and while there can be distractions that pull a student’s focus away, the teacher is able to connect and re-connect one-to-one with each student as they build understanding and knowledge. Think of teaching in a remote or hybrid classroom this way, there’s no longer a quiet student who gets missed, rather all students can raise their hand, be heard, and learn. 

“How can flipping my classroom help me cope in an online or hybrid classroom?”
Professional Learning Board has always been a huge supporter of flipping classrooms and this is definitely the time to try it even if teaching in a remote location! Instead of teaching the new material synchronously, prepare videos and materials that explain the concepts. Then, use your class time (whether in person, hybrid or online) as extra reinforcement and support.

“Can a teacher who is experienced in the physical classroom, also be effective in an online environment?”
Of course! Teachers are trained in how to teach. What they may need help with is building the skills and discovering tools for teaching in a remote or hybrid classroom where they may be less knowledgeable and a bit less confident.

“What skills does a teacher need for teaching in a remote or hybrid classroom?”
It’s not so much that the skills are unique to teaching online, it’s really recalibrating the skills they already have. This includes:

  1. Classroom management
  2. Lesson planning
  3. Assessment
  4. Relationship building

“How can a teacher learn to teach online?”
The best way for a teacher to teach online is to take online PD courses and learn online. Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen that a growing number of teachers are comfortable learning online and enjoy it. Once a teacher starts learning online, they just have to move from being an online learner to being an online teacher.


About the Author
Ellen Paxton is a respected expert in education and best known as the Chief Learning Officer of Professional Learning Board. As a two-time National Board Certified Teacher, Ellen has successfully published and customized online professional development courses and Learning Management Systems for 20 years to help teachers meet their state continuing education renewal credit requirements. Through ProfessionalLearningBoard.comRenewaTeachingLicense.com, and ConnectedPD.com. Ellen has established solutions and maintained partnerships with several accredited universities, higher education institutions, teachers’ unions and state Departments of Education while setting strategic direction that makes a difference and overseeing implementation of popular online PD.